PPT full form

PPT full form. This is the title of this article and about PPT and it’s terms. This word is so popular and using commonly when we talk about and soft document or digital document and file in computer or laptop. But it is not limited with soft copy only. A lots of PPT full form available on this page which is given below.

This software developed by Microsoft INC on 22 May 1990, as a part of Microsoft Office.

Originally, two persons Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin was developed this computer or laptop application and they was working at Forethought Inc. This organization was acquired by Microsoft $14 million USD.

PPT full form Related to
Power Point Presentation Computer software / application
Parti Progressiste Tchadien Political party
Parts Per Trillion Measurement Unit
Patria Para Todos Political party
People, Process, and Technology Organization
Parts Per Thousand Chemistry

Parti Progressiste Tchadien – It is a political party in Chad which is a first political party in Central Africa. It was actually founded in February month 1947 ad was dissolved at 1973. This party was founded by Gabriel Lisette. Parti Progressiste Tchadien is a French word.


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