JCB full form | JCB Meaning

JCB full form – This is the title of this article which is indication that this article is based on JCB with small but perfect information on JCB.

First of all JCB is a name and a company name. It is a British manufacture organization and also an MNC or multinational company. This organization or company is a manufacturer of heavy or large machines which is in uses of constructions, as a loaders, cracker, dig etc.

This machines is not for personal use, means to say that ordinary peoples doesn’t buy this heavy machines because this machine mostly uses by Government or other organization or for those organization who works for building constructions or can be use by tender holder. However, there is no restriction to buy this monster vehicle or machines but there is no use for ordinary persons, Yeah ordinary persons can buy this machine to give on rent to others as organization or tender holder etc.

This machine is most needed in construction (agriculture, building constriction/ destroy, waste handling etc.).

Joseph Cyril Bamford is the JCB full name & Joseph Cyril Bamford Excavators Limited is the JCB full form which is a company name.

This is the world largest but third company to manufacturing this monster machines.

JCB was founded by Joseph Cyril Bamford in 1945. JCB full form machine | JCB full name.

Some JCB machines name as crane, tractors, excavators etc.

YMail full form | Ymail Meaning

Based on title of this article (Ymail full form), This article showing information on ymail which is a Yahoo mail service for customers around the world. Here Y stand for Yahoo and rest of the word is mail which means is an electronic letter. Totally, YMail is a Yahoo mail service.

Ymail full form is Yahoo mail

This service was launched by Yahoo in 1977. This free service up to 1TB or 1 Tera byte space. Some many features are available in this service which is given below.


Storage – Yahoo mail service is giving 1 Terabyte free storage with responsive interface for both desktop and mobile website. Some features is also same as Gmail as calendar, tab features in inbox, contacts service (You can save your contacts with mobile number and forms/terms and can access from anywhere.)

Attachment – You can sent an email with an attachment with the maximum upload size which is 25MB. You can attach files from Flikr, Drop-box and from your computer as well.

Security – YMail having SSL certificate which is showing that it is a secure website or mail service. Spam Filters – this is an inbuilt feature and according to yahoo mail website – Yahoo’s spam filter service blocks daily 15 billion spam messages.

Ymail full form is Yahoo mail.

MBA full form

This article having the title which is MBA full form. Based on title, this article having a short detail on MBA. Basically, It is related to education because it is a PG course.

We can apply for PG course only after the graduation not after the 12th standard. After this post graduation we can apply for those jobs where we are eligible, as Marketing, finance etc. Basically it is related to business and this degree is always fit for those who are interested to take business ahead with growth.

To get admission you have to face competition exam as CAT, MAT, CMAT, IIFT, IRMA etc. CAT is one of the most famous and toughest exam in India, After this exam you will get entrance in IIM Ahmadabad.

Master of Business Administration is MBA full form

History – MBA was actually founded in USA which is stand for United states of America, in 1908.

MBA programs – Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Finance, Hotel management, Material Management, Tourism etc.

Minimum qualification to get entrance in MBA course – To get entrance in MBA, candidate must need to be complete it’s graduation with minimum number of scores which is 50% in graduation.

Future after MBA – Most of the candidates become business person after this PG course and rest of the candidates become employee in different company to take ahead the business with growth.

Top famous MBA institute in India – IIM Ahmadabad, IIM Bangalore, IIM Calcutta, IIM Lucknow, IIM Roorkee, IIM Indore etc.

Types of MBA courses – MBA has many types as Full time which is called regular course, Part time, Distance, Modular MBA, Executive MBA, Accelerated MBA.

WUKO full form

This article is based on WUKO full form which is also the one third part of the title. This article having the title which is WUKO full form | W U K O Abbreviation | W.U.K.O. Stand for | Meaning.

This is not famous abbreviation but you are looking for this word because of Karate. As you know all Karate is very famous because of safety or for self defense.

World United Karate Organization is the WUKO full form or WUKO Abbreviation.

WUKO full form Related to
World Union of Karate-do Organizations Organization
World United Karate Organization Organization


SSC full form

The Headline of this article is SSC full form. SSC is related to education which is famous in India mostly by the aspire or those candidates who is preparing for governments jobs. In India, it is an organization controlling by the government of India. This organization in India working for recruit Indian candidates for the various position by their qualification. For ex. 12th pass to graduate and some other vacancies for post graduate people.

SSC full form is Staff Selection Commission

CGL is for graduate persons and CHSL is for 12th standard person exam for the selection of government exams. It is working for nontechnical exams. This organization was opened in 1975.

It’s head quarter is place at New Delhi, India and it has 7 regional and 2 sub regional office in India.

SSC full form Related to
Service Shortcut Changer Telecommunication
Structure Server Component Networking
Subsystem Sequence Controller Space Science
Slot Size Code Computer Assembly Language
Silent Sneaky Communications Military and Defense
Signal Support Company Military and Defense

Secondary School Certificate is an another SSC full form which is also related to exam but it is not related to job or sarkari naukri in India. But it is related exam as mentioned in above line.

It is linked with school. In simple words in school 10th standard is also we called SSC and 12th standard call HSC or HSSC which is stand for Higher Secondary School Certificate.

Students are awarding by a certificate which is called mark sheet or score card after clearing the 10th standard exam. After the clearance of this exam students promoted to 11th standard.

Declaration of the result – Basically exam’s always over till the end of march or till the starting week of April and result declared in May or June month.

Some subjects as Maths, English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Urdu, Science, Social Science, Sanskrit etc.

PPT full form

PPT full form. This is the title of this article and about PPT and it’s terms. This word is so popular and using commonly when we talk about and soft document or digital document and file in computer or laptop. But it is not limited with soft copy only. A lots of PPT full form available on this page which is given below.

This software developed by Microsoft INC on 22 May 1990, as a part of Microsoft Office.

Originally, two persons Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin was developed this computer or laptop application and they was working at Forethought Inc. This organization was acquired by Microsoft $14 million USD.

PPT full form Related to
Power Point Presentation Computer software / application
Parti Progressiste Tchadien Political party
Parts Per Trillion Measurement Unit
Patria Para Todos Political party
People, Process, and Technology Organization
Parts Per Thousand Chemistry

Parti Progressiste Tchadien – It is a political party in Chad which is a first political party in Central Africa. It was actually founded in February month 1947 ad was dissolved at 1973. This party was founded by Gabriel Lisette. Parti Progressiste Tchadien is a French word.


CCTV full form

CCTV full form. Yes! this is the headline of this article. In this paragraph, You will have information on C.C.TV. It is very common word and known by everyone or anyone but only some people knows the full form of CCTV, i think only a few peoples. Don’t worry in this article below side not complete but important and main / genuine information about on CCTV is given here.

We know it is related to television because the end of this word has “TV” which is stand for television. You can understand what I am talking about, Yes! I am talking about camera’s which is using for security purpose to anywhere you want.

It’s main purpose is to record anything and we can watch it later. Surveillance is the main purpose.

CCTV full form is Closed-circuit television

In simple words, It’s an electronic device or camera which we are using for surveillance purpose or for security purpose or for motoring any particular place where we installed it. At present of the days this device or camera has been installed by almost all organization around the world. It is a necessary device now these days just because of security.

As we know today is modern day and everything is straight and advance. This device has types / kinds as IP based camera, Wireless camera, networking camera’s (static IP) etc.

Uses of this device

The main purpose is to use this device is security. It comes to use in surveillance or monitoring through video. Bank, Government office’s, any public place etc, almost all huge or small place, it becomes mandatory.

China Central Television – It is an another CCTV full form which is a television network in China. Some kind of shows which is broadcast by China Central Television as news, comedy, documentary, family shows etc. This channel has 45 plus channels and more than 1 billion viewers.