CCTV full form

CCTV full form. Yes! this is the headline of this article. In this paragraph, You will have information on C.C.TV. It is very common word and known by everyone or anyone but only some people knows the full form of CCTV, i think only a few peoples. Don’t worry in this article below side not complete but important and main / genuine information about on CCTV is given here.

We know it is related to television because the end of this word has “TV” which is stand for television. You can understand what I am talking about, Yes! I am talking about camera’s which is using for security purpose to anywhere you want.

It’s main purpose is to record anything and we can watch it later. Surveillance is the main purpose.

CCTV full form is Closed-circuit television

In simple words, It’s an electronic device or camera which we are using for surveillance purpose or for security purpose or for motoring any particular place where we installed it. At present of the days this device or camera has been installed by almost all organization around the world. It is a necessary device now these days just because of security.

As we know today is modern day and everything is straight and advance. This device has types / kinds as IP based camera, Wireless camera, networking camera’s (static IP) etc.

Uses of this device

The main purpose is to use this device is security. It comes to use in surveillance or monitoring through video. Bank, Government office’s, any public place etc, almost all huge or small place, it becomes mandatory.

China Central Television РIt is an another CCTV full form which is a television network in China. Some kind of shows which is broadcast by China Central Television as news, comedy, documentary, family shows etc. This channel has 45 plus channels and more than 1 billion viewers.